A celebrity X factor winner, free t-shirts and a tiny tinnie

We’re back  for our first social media spotlight feature of the brand New Year and as we dip into 2018 around all things #BritishBasketball, we should take this opportunity to wish you all health and happiness moving forward.

This week saw Oaklands Wolves rub shoulders with a celebrity as Jamaal of boy band Rak-Su dropped into practice.

The X-Factor 2017 winner was a huge hit.

On Friday night the WBBL will be beamed worldwide and those first through the doors at Surrey Sports Park will get a free T-Shirt.

Although we are wondering if it is a Suns t-shirt or a BBC Sport one. Well, get yourself there, wear it and show the masses via #BritishBasketball.

We were happy that Hannah Shaw was able to deliver on finding more tiny things over the festive period.

That post reminded us about making a nice Christmas Snowball drink – or Egg Nogg as strange people call it. Not that we could condone alcohol consumption. Only on the festive eve once a year – and especially if a tiny one.

Of course as one year closes and another opens, it’s time for everybody to reflect.

?????. . . Repost from @siobhanprior @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Best Nine 2017? When I look at my special moments of 2017 I realise that, once again, this game I love so much has blessed me with so many things. It’s a nice reminder that the joy it has brought me outweighs all else . . . ? It has brought the most amazing people into my life ? It enables me to work on projects that can make a real difference to real people ? It gives me opportunities to work with and nurture young people ? It gives me ultimate highs and being able to share those highs with my loved ones ? It keeps me competitive and gives me constant drive to keep moving forward ? It provides me with experiences I will never forget ? It allows me to be involved in the sport in so many different ways, along so many avenues My life wouldn’t be the same without this game and I appreciate it so much for everything it has given me. What an amazing 2017. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has to bring! ???

A post shared by Siobhan Prior (@shevy_speaks) on Dec 31, 2017 at 11:24am PST

Not least Siobhan Prior – it was quite a year for the Nottingham Wildcats’ guard.

Continuing our Wildcats-centric themed look at social media, the blistering form of Ash Harris caught the eye as we dropped the curtain on 2017.

? @amabasketball21 ended the year on fire ? #BritishBasketball

A post shared by WBBL (@wbblofficial) on Jan 4, 2018 at 1:47am PST

She also got an admiring comment from BBL playmaking star Neil Watson too! “Sauce not ketchup” …we are now committed to more condiment based assessments in our editorials moving forward.

It was good to see WBBL and Team Northumbria alumni pick up a top level gig with Gdynia a famous club in Poland.

Go Chan!

Back on the home front, one of our WBBL Club’s venues is getting more seating and hopefully more people will be following the Mystics in the flesh during 2018!

Keep it locked to all things #BritishBasketball