Marchizotti and Bigica back for second season with Archers

Both Mara Marchizotti and Cristina Bigica will be back for their second season with Cardiff Met Archers, it was announced this morning.

“Cristina and Mara will play a pivotal role for our team’s success this season,” said Head Coach Stef Collins.

“Both are proven competitors who provide a significant spark for us at both the offensive and defensive end.”

Marchizotti, who will continue her post-graduate degree at Cardiff Met in the Cardiff School of Art and Design, is excited to get back to playing, and is keen to set an inspirational example.

“We are indeed strong female athletes,” said Marchizotti. “We set an example in young girls and we might be that someone those little girls look up to.

“We want to leave a good example and create that sense of love for basketball in the younger generation.”

Cristina Bigica echoed Marchizotti’s comments, adding that she takes great pride in playing for the Archers.

“There is no other team in Wales playing at WBBL level,” said Bigica. “As an Archer, I take great pride in playing at the highest basketball level in the UK.”

Bigica and Marchizotti become the fifth and sixth signing for the Archers, joining Sarah Wagstaff, Laura Shanahan, Sara Jorgensen, and Kim Kheing.