Shanahan returns for fifth season with Archers

Laura Shanahan will mark her fifth season with Cardiff Met Archers as she returns for the 2019-20 season.

The 5’7″ guard joined the team in 2015 and has been a key player in the team over the previous four seasons.

“Laura is heading into our fifth season with the WBBL team and is one of our key players in building a great team,” said Head Coach Stef Collins. “I really admire her commitment and dedication to the game whilst balancing her post-graduate studies and full-time work.

“She continually wants to develop and improve every season. Born and bred in Cardiff, she is a true role model and inspiration to all our Welsh junior players. She is also a massive part to why we pride ourselves on our true family feel as she connects so well with everyone on the team, and I cannot wait to play alongside her this season.”

Shanahan is overjoyed she’ll be returning to Archers and is also looking forward to working alongside some new faces.

“I’m looking forward to having the same team back again from last year,” said Shanahan. “They’re an unbelievable group of people and I feel as though we only just started to reach our potential towards the end of last season so having everyone back is going to be a great starting point for us this preseason. I am also excited to have a couple of new faces joining us and making a positive impact on our team.

“My goals for this season, echoed by everyone throughout the team, are to work hard, be competitive and bring positivity every day. I like how the league is just getting stronger and more competitive each season. It’s an exciting feeling that any team can beat any team at any point so you have to show up every game day.

“The Archer programme is special because it is a great team and supportive environment, full of great people and opportunity. It is such a great club with a big heart.”