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It’s our weekly round-up of all things #theWBBL

There is only one place to start and that is with the Wildcats who a bit like being at a bus stop – waited ages and two came together! That is WBBL league titles and not buses – plus nobody has ever waited 40 years for a bus – or have they?

We issued a celebratory graphic as you might expect but who needs one of those when you have a celebratory ‘semi-squat’?

We did it!!!!!!!!! #theWBBL #ndubz League Champs

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That’s right (we are squeezing in our jazzy graphic) but only as part of telling you how Shevy P was on Radio. Guess that was nothing after he regular BBC Sport slots…..

Caledonia Pride won their game last weekend to set up a fantastic finale on Fri-Sun and it was Tricia Oakes who excelled.

Cardiff Met Archers are the other team who are still in the mix and Kobe was apparently cheering them on and really pleased to hear they had won a tight one at Oaklands Wolves

Much of that was down to the long-serving player known simply as Swagstaff…..

It sets up tomorrow night’s live Facebook clash with Caledonia Pride and Team Northumbria superbly…….Pride must win. If they do, that heaps pressure onto Archers on Saturday. FIBA’s women’s basketball specialist Paul Nilsen and Pride/GB centre Hannah Peacock are scheduled to be on the MIC from Sport Central!

Yes….we are live from Sport Central on Friday at 5pm! @caledonia_pride travel to Northumbria! #theWBBL

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It’s always nice to see a club who have a good day right through their ranks and that happened to Hatters!

Finally, congrats to all the young talent in the UK who have secured places in the States at College so far – including the likes of Anna Popovic!

Keep it locked to all things #theWBBL