Social Media Spotlight – A big wooden elephant and some other stuff

We’re up and running for the season and ignoring the fact that 98% of  those pesky WBBL players have got ‘FBI-esque’ privacy settings on their instagram accounts that makes sharing the joy almost impossible (and we would feel a bit creepy screen-shotting), we will bring you these mere crumbs on all things #BritishBasketball

After opening up last week for the season with Hannah Shaw and her ability to be seen with tiny things, we flip everything on its head this week thanks to new BA London Lions guard Amber Charles and this Elephant. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park really as evolved since our last trip…….

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On the topic of Amber, she used to play for Oaklands Wolves, they went out for a group meal and it is good to see the team-spirit is strong – something they will need as they continue on their quest to finally get a first WBBL Championship win…… Food for thought.

??? #teamtime #teamlove #foodfest

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We have had our first WBBL All-Star Five of the season – Georgia Jones was the top performer. Just one rebound away from a triple-double.

Congraaaaaats! And to those who also made the bench. Check out the website! #BritishBasketball

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Still shamelessly trying to string these weekly offerings together, we will be going to Georgia’s neck of the woods on 11 November. Great Britain will be back at the NBPC to play their FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2019 Qualifier against Israel. The last time in Manchester with GB, Assistant Coach and Hatters’ play-caller Vanessa Ellis fell off (well almost) her chair….as did our assigned WBBL hack, Paul Nilsen. Great memories though from that Montenegro win  – so get yourselves there!

That photo above was taken by Mansoor Ahmed, who along with Stephen Wright have started the official photoshoots for all teams …..looks like back-breaking work…..and not just for them!

There was a big problem last weekend and that was simply that home fans did not see a single win. But let’s praise the victorious travelling teams for that and some nice displays – including from the likes of Dee Hayward.


In what might become something of a tradition, we keep one eye on our alumni Stateside and this week, all the best to Sav Wilkinson! We see you…….well after 18 minutes with a magnifying glass.

Finally, if you are a WBBL player and you do have a stalker of some kind, then leave your settings alone. If not, do us a favour and change them to public on Instagram. If only for the purpose of our at times shambolic, but occasionally worthwhile weekly Social Media Spotlight offering!